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Guaranteed income


Hassle-free leasing


Long-term lease agreements


Top quality tenants

Hassle-free owning

Guaranteed rental income

We guarantee rental income and remove the risk of voids for the entire length of our partnership

Your company tenant

We become your company tenant on a multi-year lease (usually 3-5 years) to provide long term certainty and stability

Increased profits

We don’t charge typical agency or renewal fees and don’t have expensive offices or a fleet of cars so you can make more money

Data-driven pricing

We use data driven pricing rather than hunches, so you can be sure you’re getting the most from your investment

Reputable residents

Our tenants are verified, professionals and high-net worth individuals we’re willing to stake our reputation on

No fees to residents

We don’t charge our residents to rent from us, or to renew - so it’s easier to attract good tenants to stay with us

Housekeeping options

We offer our tenants in-house housekeeping to keep your investment clean and in tiptop condition

Hassle-free maintenance

We handle maintenance ourselves and when things need attention, we fix them quickly and properly

Dedicated team

We’re committed to making renting better for you and the tenant. We want to work with you for the long term and are always available to chat

A selection from our portfolio

Property cranley gardens reception

Cherished Chelsea

While this first-time owner travels the world, we turn her home into an income

Property pear tree street lounge

Shoreditch Portfolio

We manage this full-time landlord’s portfolio over short and long-term lets

Property curtain place 3 reception

East London Scale

8-unit project, serviced on a multi-year lease from a top institutional investor

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Happy residents

'Excellent location near the Central line underground and Hyde Park'
Resident quote anette
'Booking was a breeze, communication top notch and level of professionalism was of the highest order'
Resident quote dhanny
'Unbeatable location, very clean and modern'
Resident quote fernando