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Designed to be smooth and simple for landlord and tenant. We pride ourselves on protecting your investment with a long-term commitment, in-house management and carefully sourced residents.

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    Your company tenant

    We become your company tenant on a multi-year lease to provide long-term stability and income certainty.

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    Reputable residents

    We let your property to professional residents. Their background and suitability are qualified via our enhanced verification process.

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    Data-driven pricing

    We don't work off hunches. We aggregate millions of data points to derive our pricing, so you can be sure you're getting the right price.

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    New-age renting

    We don't charge admin fees. Instead, we offer extended services to residents, adding value to their daily lives while building long-term trust.

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    Service your property

    We offer our tenants in-house housekeeping which helps to prevent issues, and we handle maintenance ourselves to fix issues quickly and properly.

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    Consistent income

    Feel secure knowing that you will receive rent every month without issue. We remove the risk of voids for the entire length of our partnership.

How we work


Property pricing analysis

We use granular market level data generated daily to feed our pricing algorithm.


Process and agreement

We agree a company tenancy with a fixed price.


Advertising and marketing

We market your property utilising our proprietary search technology to find the best residents for your property.


Referencing Residents

We go the extra mile to build a holistic resident profile to make sure that our residents are professional, reliable and reputable.


Seamless management

You'll get a single point of contact at Residently. We're quick, efficient and professional.

The resident experience

Our tenants love our online renting experience, hassle-free maintenance and housekeeping services.

Effortless ownership

As owners renting out your property assets through a letting agent, significant time and money can be wasted. Whether it's finding the right tenants, losing income due to vacancies and voids, or managing and maintaining properties to high standards, the whole process can be managed more effectively.

Become a member and let us become your company tenant - meaning you'll get consistent rent for up to 5 years, without the fuss of continually finding new tenants every year.

We go the extra mile to build a holistic resident profile to make sure that our residents are professional, reliable and reputable.

Simple and flexible renting. Rebuilt around you.