Residently is based in the UK, with offices in London and Manchester. We’re seasoned property experts, technology entrepreneurs, operations whizzes and experienced product makers.

The Board

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Tom Allason Linkedin icon

Founder and Chairman

Serial entrepreneur, property and early-stage tech investor. Founded eCourier in 2003 (acquired by Royal Mail 2015) and Shutl in 2008 (acquired by eBay 2013) and was a Vice President at eBay until 2018 (retired).

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Sach Kukadia Linkedin icon

Non-Executive Director

Co-founder Secret Sales at 23, now the UK’s largest flash sales site with 5+million registered members.

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Non-Executive Director

CEO of Verivox, the market-leading online comparison site in German-speaking markets. 35 years of operational leadership across physical and digital businesses.

The Team

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Sam Phillips Linkedin icon

Product & Engineering

Previously Senior Engineering Manager at eBay, Head of Engineering at Shutl (acquired eBay 2013) and developer #1 at On The Beach Travel (IPO 2015).

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Alison Smith Linkedin icon

Finance, Legal & HR

Operating lead at early stage businesses, with IPO (Nasdaq 1998 - DA Consulting Group), M&A (Shutl exit to eBay 2013) and fundraising (Huddle) experience. Also eBay & Microsoft.

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Noemi Staehelin Linkedin icon

Operations & Resident Services

Top 1% London AirBnb host, experienced startup operator in New York and London, formerly Red Bull.

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Trevor Stunden Linkedin icon

Sales & Marketing

Experienced building commercial strategies for businesses that connect physical to digital. Formerly of Zx Ventures (AB-Inbev), Shutl and eBay.

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Software Engineer

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Head of Housekeeping

F81bce499d030996ac17db93d4d1913bdc4be6e8 team member ioana



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F0ef183aef26006cbd002bb1eae4b8af193d6203 team member jenny


Product Manager

Bc0f7465f3533b403fa3e534dafc542fc6d23bb2 team member joe


Software Engineer

F6a14a8e9175917543e9da367355662cfe4cd8c9 team member john


Software Engineer

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Commercial Associate

370c1e889c3dd33189516ca781db8760d01c68e4 team member racheal


Operations Associate

B3bd254b00528a063ab4d1943fff75bc54eac9b9 team member rob


Software Engineer

C90ea0f8e6b52bab8a4fc1603f1e04051692cf9f team member simon


Head of Acquisitions

E7b17d514fc8e032fbb68523a4a3d725c6ebca61 team member terry


Insight Analyst

D7026652aab2408e606dfb25eb662e75952d2fd2 team member tim


Software Engineer

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